Murfreesboro Magazine

Our city magazine, which celebrates the good life in Rutherford County's largest city and personalities, targets affluent women and key neighborhoods in Murfreesboro.

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About Our Readers

Murfreesboro Magazine reaches an audience predisposed to needed the products and services advertised. In fact, Media Choices (an independent national study) says consumers admit they don't find magazine advertising "annoying" compared to TV and other media; they actually seek out the ads as part of the premium content offered in such magazines.

  • 55 percent are women.
  • 41 percent are in households with family incomes greater than $75,000.
  • 67 percent of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 54.
  • 86 percent own their own home.

In Every Issue

--- Rutherford Remembered: A look back, "Madge Lewis Style," at some memorable Murfreesboro moments.

--- Twenty questions: Get to know the city's movers and shakers as you read their answers to our pop quiz.

--- Community Events: Keep up to date with all the local events and happenings.

--- Social Pages: A look into featured local events and photographs of those who attend.

--- Food and Entertaining: The latest on new restaurants as well as dinner parties and cooking.


Heather Kent
Advertising Manager


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Murfreesboro Magazine is the magazine for Rutherford County's largest city featuring the local flavor of fashion, dining, design, neighborhoods and society in every issue. It is distributed six times a year via subscriptions, newsstands and inside The Daily News Journal to upscale households in targeted Murfreesboro neighborhoods.

Murfreesboro Magazine has been providing area residents with useful and entertaining information about the best that Murfreesboro has to offer. Our positive format reflects the quality of life that community-minded individuals want to experience in a thriving and evolving city. The presentation of loal homes, venues and projects is unparalleled.